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Monday, May 26, 2008



the long awaited 2-week holidays + 2 days , u know why.
suddenly, time felt so much faster than usual flowing rapidly , cannot be rewinded.
well, for now my philosophy that is this 2-week holiday , i mus'nt study. it would be
my last resort for any fun nor lepakin' (T_T)
hmphh, got new guitar strings but not in-tune lah cause I dont know how to tune
even my fingers are aching to play some music, nah, it not as fun u knw,
when ur guitar is practically sounds weird~

as for now.

i'm studying how to do some bending and some scale . the scale works amazing. it trains ur finger to be faster and familiar withe movemnt'to`

lepakin' with friends is nice . life is good if u always grateful for what u have.
And for the UMNO stuff. i rather not to think about it. it's obvious that the leaders
are weaks, narrow minded, this is the thing that makes me thinking for how stupid was
the elders to fight for something that is to be determined by the people not the upper`

And for the PORK thingy, it would be nice to have a big farming site.
u see, u know , and u think about it. it would do some major good changes.
i believe in it. ;D

and yeah , I saw some nice necklace at the AEON DRAGONSILVER
which do u prefer?
either black or brown?

signing out!

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